Few thoughts on rainy day…

Weekend again finally, its raining a lot today so chill inside is the best activity I think, would be very comfortable when you be on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, chill music and writing. Could be more perfect if being in my boyfriend’s arms now but well, he is enjoying the bed by himself in other side of the world so I hide myself in my corner, in my own world. I think it will be very nice when together but sometimes we will need to have time and space for our own, to enjoy something alone and re-fresh.

Anyway, that is not something I wanna say today, so let talk about it on another day.

Lately I’ve read about something named “Stop Asian hate”. As everyone knows that racism is big thing and very sensitive topic, but as an Asian and a victim of its I just wanna tell my opinion about it.

When I first arrived in Australia I dream about new life in nice country with friendly people, most of the Australian I’ve met are very nice. But the reality is not like dream, most of the people who had chance to travel over sea they had different view about everything already, and the local who never go travel over or to Asian countries they think different. Because the time when I come here it was beginning of corona virus storm, after 2 weeks staying with a couple I know from their trip to Vietnam I had to face to the truth that their daughter asked them to choose between me or her, and the reason is because I from Vietnam which very close to China – where covid came from. I didn’t want they to be in hard situation so I first told them I have plan to move to other city already. I won’t say its racism but kind of stupid thought from a young person, and I will say its lack of understanding, really pity it comes from a young person in a wonderful country like Australia and I just fell sorry to her parents, until now I still keep in touch with them and someday I will come back to see them to say thank you again and again, without them I don’t have me today.

Covid is something must be very “powerful” which hit everywhere in the world, when it came here everything shut down, border closed, hospitality, tourism dead, economic slide down nonstop, there were so many people lost job (include me), hard situation for everyone. Staying inside for weeks or months is something too much and when seems that everything was under control and everyone could go outside more flexible, I went for a walk in the city and I met a group of young people, they were just in front of me about 5m away and they looked at me, called me corona and some other bad word mention Asian. I just tried to ignore them but seems that more I didn’t say more thing they gonna say and do, they tried to come closer to pick a quarrel with me but I just didn’t say anything and cross the road. And that was not the only time I meet someone like that in here. To be honest I didn’t know what to do at that moment, was really scared, just tried to ignore and let it go but more silent we are more bad thing they gonna do, because when we don’t do anything they think that they are right, and don’t know that we don’t do it because we don’t care about what they say.

Were born as a white person in rich country is something luckier than rest of the world already to be honest. Why? Because if you go somewhere out of your country they will just look at your passport, ah you are from EU, ok, oh you are from Vietnam, not ok.

Racism is something unfair about the way people treat each other, not only about colour, its also about nationality, social status, etc…

I don’t know what I can do about that, but I believe on karma, I treat people by the way I want they treat me, doesn’t matter where they come from, or what colour of their skin – because those things are not important, you can change it, but the soul of a person is something we never can change. And I think racism is never end, it might be less, but since still human in the world there are always racism exist.

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